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One of the most popular orthodontic treatment options for adults. This revolutionary system uses custom-made transparent plastic aligners that resemble a sports mouthguard. Exerting gentle pressure on your teeth, the aligners are replaced about every two weeks with a new aligner as your teeth move into their desirable position.

Invisalign™ is usually every bit as effective as traditional braces, moving your teeth with gentle, controlled force. Invisalign’s™ advantage is that it not only controls this force, but also allows us to determine exactly when the force is applied. This means that at each stage only certain teeth are allowed to move, according to your orthodontic treatment plan. It helps make Invisalign™ the most efficient teeth straightening method available.

Completely removable, Invisalign™ allows you to eat all your favourite foods and clean your teeth normally – and because it’s virtually invisible, no-one will know you’re having your teeth straightened.