White Fillings

Today, instead of old-fashioned dark amalgam fillings that contrast with your naturally white teeth, at M Dentistry we place only white composite resin or ceramic tooth-coloured fillings for a perfect new smile.

An extremely good-looking alternative to amalgam fillings, composite resin/ceramic technology gives white fillings the ability to withstand the considerable biting and chewing pressure of your jaw.

White composite fillings are a mix of glass and plastic resin. They are strong and durable and cosmetically superior to amalgam, although these are usually reserved for small to average size fillings.

Highly resistant to fractures, white composite fillings also need less of your natural tooth to be removed in preparation, resulting in smaller fillings.

Porcelain or ceramic fillings are an excellent solution for badly broken down teeth. They are extremely durable and they look amazing. This is an area we excel in at M Dentistry.

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